4 thoughts on “Weir/intake box layout

    • Rand, Yeah, I know they don’t fit in with hydro, it just seemed like an easy way to get them online for my old Nam buddies to see. Someday I might get em to a proper place. Cheers, Mickey


  1. Sir!!!!
    first I would like to thank you for sharing this blog. it’s really informative and encouraging.
    I have a question regarding Weir/intake/sediments. as you mentioned in your pictures you made/prepare a weir and and then connection to penstock, the box you used is there any sort of mechanism for settling down the sediments in the box. ” how you managed to carry out a clean water(no sediments/sand) to the turbine/wheel ”
    regards and best wishes for this cool work.
    Nadir Shah


    • Nadir, I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. The comments got moved and I missed them til now.
      Any sand or sediment (nothing bigger than 1.5mm, the gap between the wedgewires) in the water flows right down the penstock, nothing sits in the bottom of the box, the flow carries it away and just polishes the turbine wheels. The smallest nozzle I ever use at low flow is 3/8″, so no chance of plugging a nozzle.

      Regards, Mickey


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